Andrew Peterson - The Good Confession

[postlink][/postlink] [starttext]I was a boy
just nine years old
I heard the call and came.
They buried me beneath the water
then I rose again.
you know my dad was a preacher man.
I walked the aisle and I took his hand.
He said
“Son just do the best you can
and say the words
‘I believe he is the Christ
the Son of the living God.”
Through the years I barely fell;
I mostly dove right in.
I drank so deep from the shallow
well only to thirst again.
Well I sang the hymns at the summer camp
then I rocked and rolled with a lousy band
till I heard a song that took my hand and led me home.
And I believe he is the Christ
Son of the living God.

All I know is that I was blind
but now I see that though I kick and scream
Love is leading me.
And every step of the way his grace is making me;
with every breath I breathe
he is saving me.
And I believe.

So when my body’s weak and the day is long
when I feel my faith is all but gone
I’ll remember when I sing this song that I believe.
I believe he is the Christ
Son of the living God
my Lord my Savior.
Oh hosanna I believe.[endtext]

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