Annie Moses Band - When Daddy Says I'm Beautiful

[postlink][/postlink] [starttext]When daddy says i'm beautiful,
He smiles with his eyes
And a happiness that i can't describe
Fills me up inside
Confidence of love content within my soul,
Even after he is gone,
And i am old
When daddy says i'm beautiful

I remember five years old
Standing tip-toe at the window
Watching for my daddy to get home
He always kisses mama first
I lift my hands and beg my turn
He lifts me up a hug a whirl.
How's my beautiful baby girl

Twelve years old the mirror sees
No shirley temple plain and simple
Caught up in the awkward in-between
But when my step is insecure,
Daddy's words will reassure
I'm looking from the outside in
And that's where beautiful things begin


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