Rebecca St. James & Chris Tomlin - Expressions Of Your Love

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A symphony of color
Painted on a western sky
The thunder roars and the rain it falls
Over fields, over streasms, over us, You're
over us...

(chorus)(Rebecca St James & Chris Tomlin)
Expressions of Your glory
Expressions of Your heart
In all You are
You speak to us
Expressions of Your love

(Chris Tomlin)
A message sent from Heaven
Walked among us as a man
The Son of God and Light of the world
Love divine, crucified, (and) made alive,
You're alive...

(Chorus)(Rebecca St James & Chris Tomlin)

(Chris Tomlin)
you speak to us(9x)

(Rebecca St James)
Oh Jesus make me
An expression of You

(chorus)(Rebecca St James & Chris Tomlin)


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